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About Us

Khoi Kulcha started as a clothing line in 2015. The brand was formed after Rochey Walters, the founder and CEO, spent months trying to come up with ways to celebrate his heritage. The Khoi San is widely believed to be the first people to walk the soil of South Africa. However, very little of this communities traditions still exists in today's society. In fact, for many Khoi people it is an embarrassment to claim their heritage. Because Rochey is so passionate about the traditions and culture of this community, he thought of a more modern and fun way to claim and at the same time celebrate the Khoi people. Hence Khoi Kulcha (Note the click when it is pronounce, similar to our indigenous languages like Nama and isiXhosa.

We've recently launched the Khoi Kulcha Tea. Many believe that the Khoi people were the first to find the herb that is now used to manufacture Rooibos tea in South Africa. Rooibos tea, like the Khoi San, is unique to South Africa and has been here long before the settlers landed. The Khoi used to use this herb as medicine for when the get ill. Our tea is organic and manufactured by Khoi San Teas in Cape Town. 

Khoi Kulcha has to main reasons why it exists as a brand and as a business:

1. To celebrate and give some form of identity to a community of people that has been forgotten by far too many for far too long in South Africa, and

2. To promote originality. We encourage all religions, cultures, races and tongues to be proud of who they are and where they come from. Hence our slogan...LIVE ORIGINAL!


Our friendly and experienced staff is always eager to helping you.

At the moment Rochey is running the company and is the only listed director. Rochey is supported by the following people:

Evette de Lange - Admin and Creative assistant

Ravion Stone - Manager - Stores and Logistics

Colin Speelman - Manager - Sales & Marketing

Adem A de Lange - Divisional Director - Finance